Mezcla Art


Mezcla, which means "mixture" in English, alludes to the many ways to express Hispanic or Latino culture.  To me Mezcla is a celebration of my heritage and my roots illustrated in many forms through my art. Ernesto Hernandez, a self taught artist, dreamer and  artivist from Nayarit, Mexico, who now lives and works in South Carolina.

"I am a self-taught artist who works in mixed media. My artwork reflects loud,vivid colors and textures creating a highly unique energy and story. I contribute much of my inspiration to my middle school teacher Mrs. Baschon, who always saw something in me and to every day life that inspires me. "


"I founded Mezcla with the idea of bringing cultural awareness, artistic educational experiences, and diversity of the Latino/a arts through my work. Proceeds from the sale of all my works benefit immigrant organizations."